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Hunan Yige Special Steel Technology Co.,Ltd

Hunan Yige Special Steel Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in August 2015.It’s a high-teach enterprise specialized in the production, R&D  and sales of the high-performance and high-precision of special-shaped steel pipes, seamless pipes and other cold drawn materials.we are passed ISO9001, 14001, 18001 ,450001,CE and other system certification. The company has several sets of chain drawbench machine and hydraulic drawbench machine, one roller bottom type natural gas heat treatment furnace, several sets of head making, straightening, sawing, surface treatment and machining equipment, and equipped with a full set of physical and chemical testing equipment.

Hunan Yige Special Steel Science Technology Co.,Ltd

Hunan Yige Special Steel Technology Co.,Ltd

Our  products are characterized by “high, precision, special and different” (high strength, high precision, special materials and special-shaped section). Various special-shaped steel pipes can be developed, designed and produced according to the different requirements of customized  to meet the high-quality and high-performance, high strength, high toughness, easy welding, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
Now our factory products have been  widely served high-end equipment manufacturing industries at home and abroad, such as aviation, military industry, nuclear power, marine industry, shipbuilding, high-speed rail, engineering machinery, construction machinery, steel structure, petrochemical industry, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, passenger cars, special vehicles, vehicle axle, water conservancy and hydropower, communication towers, pressure vessels and other industries.

Hunan Yige Special Steel Technology Co.,Ltd